The Best Dresses to Look Hot From Behind

By San Kim Nguyen

Every woman knows what an impact she can have when she walks away in a dress that shows off the best of her curves. The view from the back of a dress can be just as sexy as what appears in the front, and although much of the emphasis is on the cleavage created by a sexy dress, the backside can't be forgotten. Make sure that you draw every eye in the room - especially the ones you really want looking - by choosing a dress that emphasizes your curves and makes your walk out of the room as exciting as when you walk in.

Everyone knows that showing off the cleavage is the quickest way to make a dress sexier. But making a dress sexy can be done from behind as well. Straps that cross the back or a cut that is low to the waist in the back give a dress a sex appeal that is different and incredibly hot. Be sure you take a glance in the mirror at what you look like from the back when you are shopping for a dress. It's easy to get caught up in the front and forget that when you turn to walk away, it's the view from behind that will have him anxious for you to return!

Straps that are decorated with rhinestones or other shiny details will draw the eye in a simple and easy way. Or, skip the straps altogether and choose a dress that is backless and really lets you show some skin.

A halter dress is perfect if that bare back is your goal. With no straps to cut across the back, the halter really lets you show off your back without anything interrupting the view. Halter dresses can expose just the upper back, or they can be cut low enough to show more of the lower back - as much as you think you are ready to show off!

Using a subtler touch, keyhole openings, cut outs and of course straps in varying widths and numbers can all make your back look great. Showing a little less skin and yet raising the level of the interest of your dress, this type of style is perfect when you want that little surprise of extra exposed skin peeking out when you walk away. Really raise eyebrows with a cutout that is low on the back and has every watching for a glimpse of more.

Hourglass curves are best shown off in tight dresses that truly show off your backside. If you have the soft curves to make it work, then don't be afraid to show it in tight dresses that cling and material that will shine in the lights and keep all eyes on you. A dress that combines a higher waist with a tight fitting pencil skirt has a feel of the 50's and uses that era's love of the beautiful back view to really show off the best in any woman's curves.

When you slip into that perfect dress, don't forget to put on a pair of heels that will help lift and tighten everything for the best possible look to your legs and backside. You will look so good from behind, you might need to spend a lot of time walking away!

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